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Blixt Light Story
Dick Swerdfeger

"My first summer here, I would admire the beautiful evening skies against the mountains.  One evening after work, however, I looked up Bear Creek Canyon and saw a flicker of light.  These were the days when there weren't any hikers up there and I thought maybe someone was trapped.  The next day at work in the doghouse at lunch I asked some of the guys.  They said it was just Oscar and Gator Blixt.  The Blixt brothers were two old timers that had a little mine called the Savage Mine in La Junta Basin.  Every summer they would take packhorses up, live in a little shack and mine.  Every night they would put a Coleman lantern in the window and light it so that Oscar's wife, Lena, would know that they were ok.  Lena stayed in town during the summers because she ran the telephone exchange."
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