Idarado Legacy has single-family homesteads that are available for ownership in Telluride. Homesteads range from an acre to 15 acres in size. Homes at Idarado Legacy will be inspired by architectural vernaculars that are influenced by American rustic and mining themes. Nowhere else in the Telluride valley can you own a parcel of land so close to town and be surrounded by privacy, vast open space and unspoiled beauty. Bridal Veil and Ingram Falls, signature landmarks of Telluride, are in your front yard. Unencumbered panoramas of the surrounding pristine high country are yours…forever. Trail systems link you with the town of Telluride and the wilds and grandeur of unending wilderness. At Idarado Legacy, exploration and discovery take on entirely new meanings.
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Welcome to the Idarado Legacy website. Beautiful lots are available in Telluride, Colorado for purchase. Land is also available in Telluride for purchase.  Idarado Legacy, Lots Telluride, Land Telluride, Colorado.